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By now, everybody and their mothers have something to say about that anti-piracy commercial that greets every moviegoer. As per Janjan Comics: ay kamatis.”


And as always, memes and parodies abound. Here are 5 “Pare, pulis ako” jokes that will have you lolling to Wednesday. You’re welcome!

1. This masterful inclusion of the kamatis to the Miss U. This is actually Janjan Comics’ second, erm, commentary on the commercial. The first one was a straightforward joke on how the kamatis came to be.  


2. This parody video as an anti-littering campaign. Between the Buns is a student-owned food stall inside Ateneo de Manila. It released this well-made parody video of the commercial to make sure people got the message: Do not litter!

“Littering is littering. Littering is against the law. Littering is a crime.”

3. This strange exchange of roles that still delivers the punch line. Kinda dumb, but hella funny. Hat tip to you, Beast Jesus Facebook page for thinking of this, um, thing. For those of you who think it’s only dumb and not funny, the photo has been shared a whopping 2,524 times. Over two thousand times!    

BEAST JESUS - BEAST JESUS added a new photo. | Facebook

4. Piano cover of the famous musical score? Why not!

5. Lastly, Derek telling Pia Wurtzbach that he’s a policeman! Haha, too funny.


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