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Here is great evidence that OPM is not dead. The Filipino independent music scene has been consistently producing acts of different genres all over the country is fantastic and well, healthy numbers.

Below is just the tip of the iceberg, some five indie musicians that will have you click the ‘download’ button on your Spotify account pronto.


1. Ian Penn

Ian Penn is a folk singer-songwriter from Pampanga that will remind us of our youthful innocence from the calming melodies of his songs.

He released his first single ‘Headback Home’ distributed under Lilystars Records on October 2014 and his EP Wild Abandoned released on 2015. Currently, Ian’s new album ‘Water From The Creek’  is now available for pre-order at

Listen to Ian Penn here:

2. Banna Harbera

Oh, we know what you’re thinking but this is not the production behind your favorite cartoons as a kid. The band composing of Yzabel Torres on vocals, Jake Masigan on guitar, Josh Planas on bass, Theo Blanch on keys, and Patrick Felipe on drums, Banna Harbera really get their audience through elusive and soulful sound of their music. Not to mention the ~feels~ of the lyrics from their songs.

Catch them live at the Filinvest City Events Ground for Wanderland Music Festival in March.

Listen to Banna Harbera here:

3. Ourselves the Elves

This four-piece indie pop/folk band composed of Aly, Aki, Paula, and Ponch met in a freshman dorm in 2011 and immediately started playing music together. Their Geography Lessons EP is the soundtrack to the short film, Lisyun Qng Geografia by Petersen Vargas.

The band just released their new single entitled, ‘Wounds’.

Listen to Ourselves the Elves here:

4. Musical O

Musical O is a math rock band that believes that “the band and its music, which is ever changing, is better heard than read about.”

Marco Dinglasan (vocals/guitar), Chino Soliman (bass), Mario Consunji (guitar) and Miggy Abesamis (drums), and new member Rap Soliman (third guitar) just released their self-titled album last Jan 23 after a seven-year wait. About time!

Music O’s album is available on Spotify and iTunes. Physical copies and will be sold in March.

Listen to Musical O here: 

5. We Are Imaginary 

Formerly known as Your Imaginary friends, We Are Imaginary has long been in the scene, having released EPs like One Dreamy Indeterminate Hum (2010) and Silence Is a Villain (2013). In 2016, the band finally released its first full-length, Death To Romanticism (2016). 

We Are Imaginary is known for creating songs that will capture our hearts and will left us saying “Aww.” 

Watch out for their performance at the UP Fair in UP Los Baños this February.

Listen to We Are Imaginary here:

Photos grabbed from: Ian Penn, Banna Harbera, Ourselves the Elves, Musical O, We Are Imaginary

Header image: Madel Crudo


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