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On Thursday Feb 9, Jollibee started rolling out its Valentines Day campaign and it hit everybody right smack in the heart—as its viral status would tell you.


#KwentongJollibee is a series of videos based on real life love stories wherein Jollibee played a big role. Two videos jumpstarted the campaign: #Vow, which enjoys 130,000 shares and 137,000 reactions as of this writing—four hours after it had been released. And #Crush, which has over 18,874 shares and 33,000 interactions—released four hours after the first one made us cry buckets of tears and made us order a bucket of Chickenjoy.

While #Crush was cute, it was the heartbreaking #Vow that caught and kept everybody’s attention. From variations of “Ang sakit besh,” to the harking back of #ChickenSad, netizens couldn’t help but share, react, and comment—the kind of effect social media marketers wish, pine, and hope for.

Netizen Emerson Rendon hit the nail right on the head: “Akala ko ba bida ang saya,” he writes on YouTube, which quickly became the top comment on the site. Because wow, the ultimate Friendzone story.

Created by long-time Jollibee collaborators McCann Erickson, the #KwentongJollibee will continue to make people feel as it drops another todo-hugot bomb on Friday. If the word on Twitter is correct, the third commercial will be called #Date.

We say, bring out the tissue, memorize its delivery number, and get ready. It’s bound to make you feel some more.

Watch both videos below:




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