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On Thursday, Jollibee rolled out super solid its Valentines Day campaign, #KwentongJollibee. Two straight-to-the-heart videos immediately gained viral status.

People didn’t just react. They shared the video, left their comments, and of course, they tweeted their two centavos.

Below are the best ones we’ve seen:

Jollibee, are you listening?

Ya better phase the Spicy Chickenjoy soon!

Lol, loving that someone put the spotlight on the crew!

Baquette ganyan ka mag-spell?!

Nice #TBT action here.

Realism at its best!

Optimist si ate gurl!

Panalo the connection made.

Game face on!

Realism at its second best.


We know this isn’t on Twitter, but goodness, this most certainly deserves a place here:



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