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The Grammy Awards aired Monday morning, Manila time. And though Adele sweeping four major awards was clearly the big news, a lot more interesting shenanigans happened to keep us glued to the screen. Below, we list our five.


1. Adele “not accepting” the Album of the Year award, instead offering it to Beyonce. That was a woah moment—and what a beautiful speech, too—but then Adele started thanking her management and stuff and we’re like, whuuut? In any case, she later broke the Album of the Year trophy to share with Queen Bey.

2. Beyonce’s very pregnant performance. We mean, this was the first time a pregnant woman performed at the Grammy’s. That Beyonce came wearing something off Virgin Mary’s closet is something else, too. More power, Queen B!

3. A Tribe Called Quest’s performance. A very politically charged performance that included a shoutout to Filipino migrants during “We The People?” Hell yeahz!


4. Grammy house band playing a Metallica as Megadeath walks on stage after win. After forever, Megadeath finally wins an award for “Dystopia.” But as the Dave Mustain-led band walks up the stage to receive the award, the Grammy house band decided to play Metallica’s “Master of Puppets.” What the what?!

5. Ooh, was that Katy Perry throwing shade at Britney Spears? Maybe it’s just us being too sensitive, but on the red carpet, Grammy hosts were admiring Katy Perry’s new hair color. And the singer goes, “the last thing I’ve yet to do is shave my head.” Hmm.

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