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Let’s admit it, Jollibee owned this year’s Valentine’s Day promotions, but we found five other ads and promotions so cute they’re bound to make you smile and say, maaan those advertising folks have clearly mastered us all.

1. Playstation Asia

This Valentine's Day, spend time with the one ...

Clever! Hugs and kisses for y’all!

2. Uber

This Valentine's Day, find your match on ...

This is your chance to find your soulmate.

3. Grab

Walang bae this Valentine's Day? Kapit lang ...

Grab is so #grabae. Choose the #Grabae icon and input the Grab Bae promo code on the app and you’ll get picked up with flowers and a song. Social media has it the drivers are looking specially, erm, delicious too.

4. Spotify

No BS, bes. Lilipas din yan.

5. Hello wafer sandwich

Do Words of Affirmation make you feel loved? ...

Hello got us with those cheesy lines.

Featured image: Jack ‘n Jill: Sweet Side of Life

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