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Margarita Fores, she who introduced casual Italian fare, got us eating spinach (spinazzi dip!), and made us proud as she was named Asia Best Female Chef in 2016, has a new culinary travel show.

Harvest with Margarita Fores is a four-part 30-minute series that will have the chef traveling to and exploring key destinations in the country and the unique ingredients they are known for as well as discovering old ways of cooking that we might not have known. There will be farm visits, too.

It’s all very Margarita Fores, if we may; Grace Park, for instance, would feature local ingredients used in creating regional one-offs, as when the Rockwell restaurant had a week-long Ivatan Cuisine Festival. Cibo, she proudly says, is now 80 percent organic after 12 years in the business.

“On recent trips to Mindanao, I’ve just learned about tribal cooking, which, I think, is just incredible because then there are so many more things to learn from these communities that we didn’t really know about,” the chef tells CJ Juntereal of Manila Bulletin.

The show, of course, will feature her cooking but Margarita says they’re all very spontaneous. “The dishes that I cook on the show were not planned. They depended on what I saw and learned on-site,” she continues.

According to Juntereal, Harvest with Margarita Fores is “engaging, very personal ,and pretty much just the same as Margarita in real life. She shows a genuine interest in the people she talks to, and on screen, she is just as excited as she is in real life to learn about new dishes and cooking methods.”

It’s safe to say that perhaps, we’re just as excited as her.

Harvest With Margarita Fores premieres on Saturday, February 18, 7pm on CNN Philippines.

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