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The fifth edition of Art Fair Philippines is in full swing at The Link Carpark in Makati, until Sunday, Feb 19. By now, we’ve all been told what we must see, what we can’t miss, and how to hit the fair like a natural. And so allow us to showcase 11 pieces of art that’s left us with our mouths hanging. Truly unbelievable!

1. This brain-like platter sculpture. There were a billion other things at Mo Space—a hyperbole, in case we had to spell it out—but Gale Encarnacion’s “Confections” totally caught, and held, our attention. The sculpture looks too much like a brain.

"Confections" by Gale Encarnacion
“Confections” by Gale Encarnacion


2. This brown paperbag. This brown paperbag sculpture by Cesare Syjuco, which you can see at the Art Lab space commands a six-digit figure—and we don’t just mean P100,000. A brown paperbag. Six digits. Awesome.

"Veneration of the lie (TRO-O-DON)" by Cesare A.X. Syjuco
“Veneration of the lie (TRO-O-DON)” by Cesare A.X. Syjuco


3. Also, this almost-blank canvas. This 40×40 inch gesso-primed canvas doesn’t have anything on it except its name scribbled across it in pencil. It commands a price higher than the paper bag above, too.

"The Drawing of a Single Line is Full of Adventure" by Jean Marie Syjuco
“The Drawing of a Single Line is Full of Adventure” by Jean Marie Syjuco


4. This man who doesn’t like to use the stairs. It totally pops out of the Vinyl and Vinyl booth, looking like somebody is actually falling from the ceiling. It’s cute, it’s strange, we like!

Unknown (Taken from Vinyl and Vinyl booth)


5. These creatures playing “Nanay, Tatay.” Life-sized and sinister-looking, these mixed media installation thingies scared the bejeezus out of us.

“Balat Halimaw” by Karayom


6. These “NO” signages. Because why is a single no not enough these days? Wait, are we reading into Juan Alcanzaren’s ‘no’ too much? Well, guess that means his art is effective!

"NO no.1, no.2, and no.3" by Juan Alcarazen
“NO no.1, no.2, and no.3” by Juan Alcarazen

7. These electric chairs.
 Jose Tence Ruiz puts out a loud social commentary once again! Fourteen electric chairs, or what looks to at least be inspired by them are scattered in the middle of the fair’s second floor for guests to sit on—in case they want to get a feel of how it’s like to sit on one. Or just to rest.  

“Langue Lounge” by Jose Tence Ruiz


8. These handmade checkbooks. They’re made with shredded Philippine currency and issued checks. How insane is that?

"Value" by Christina Quisimbing Ramilo
“Value” by Christina Quisimbing Ramilo


9. This fancy suit. On the tag, it says “Carbon and ink on canvas.” Which got us wondering: Is the suit canvas and the design pure ink? All ink? Doodled onto the canvas?

"No. 110 - Suit of Armor Mk. 1" by Carlo Aranton
“No. 110 – Suit of Armor Mk. 1” by Carlo Aranton


10. This golden dude who totally knows how to be chill af. There isn’t anything Romeo Lee could do that wouldn’t leave us surprised and this golden sculpture of what looks to be him is yet another proof. It’s to be used for the “No Chaos, No Party” book-signing happening tomorrow. He is among the 28 artists included in the book, BTW.

Unknown (Taken near the Art Bar stall)

11. WSK installation. Best experienced in twos, both you and your companion stick a hand on the surface, then you touch your companion, then a sound greets your movement. It’s insane, it’s cool, it’s unbelievable, indeed.


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