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Lo de Alberto facade. Great for February’s sweater weather!

With the weather dipping to the cool 20s, allow us to suggest you pay a visit to Lo de Alberto, pronto. It’s an outdoor, alfresco—you get the drift—taqueria right in the middle of the two-level parking lot of City Golf on J. Vargas in Pasig.

It opened in May 2016 right when summer was in full swing and rain came afterward. Now that the weather’s been incredible, we did ourselves a favor and packed our bags early and swung by the Pasig joint.

It doesn’t open until 4pm and doesn’t close until 1am, making it the best after-office, let-the-rush-hour-traffic-pass agenda or hey, a post-drinking meal, too.

The look: It’s a modest 11-table affair but the owners have thoughtfully designed the place. The logo is very Mexican, the uniform wooden tables and chairs feel and look great outdoors, cute tiles line the counter, and with enough music coming from the speakers, it feels like a fiesta is about to go down.

Tacos in one plate. We’re loving the corn shells

Menu: It is short and simple, consisting of quesadillas, tacos, and burritos with; it also has suggested “for sharing” plates, side orders, as well as drinks.

Off the bat: Order the tacos. There is something to be said about its shell, how it organically tastes so much like corn, how in the current order of taco shells, we’d place Lo de Alberto’s in the middle of hard and soft. How it makes the perfect bed for all of its three flavors: pork aka Carnitas de Puerco (P195), beef aka Suadero (P185), and chicken aka Pollo a la pibil (P185).

You can order all of them in one plate (P210), by the way, which we did and which we highly recommend for you to do. A lot of people are recommending the beef, but MB Life, in true Anthony Bourdain fashion, loved the pork.

The quesadilla had three variants to choose from, as well. We ordered the most basic (Quezo at P120) and allow us to say: Please order either of the other two variants. The Quezo was as basic as basic could get. It could use a little bit more panache, we guess.

Quezo Quesadilla

The drinks menu is great. The usual Mexican refreshments—Horchata (P80) and Tamarindo (P110)—are ever present as the usual Mexican libations (Classic Margarita at P90 and Michelada also at P90.

They also offer beer buckets as well as shots of Black Label and Shin, but we’re sticking to our Mexican bebidas. The horchata was heavy, but the Michelada was ace. “Para sa matatapang lang po ang mga inumin namin,” smiles the very efficient server, and its true. Not many, we feel like, will appreciate the amount of chili on that Michelada.

Verdict: We’ve got our eyes on the Hangover Tortilla Salad (P220) and the beef burrito (P230) when we come back to try this out as a post-inuman meal.


City Golf Plaza, J. Vargas, Pasig. +63942 6396771. 4pm-1am


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