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I’m Drunk I Love You is perhaps the ultimate #friendzone movie. For seven years, Carson (Maja Salvador) has been secretly in love with her buddy Dio (Paolo Avelino).

Carson plans to end her, ehem, stupidity on Graduation Day. Of course, right before that, they, along with Carson’s gay BFF Jason Ty (Dominic Roco) go on a spontaneous trip to La Union. We end our Cliff Notes here because you’ll need to watch it for yourself—if you haven’t already.

We will, however, leave a trail of breadcrumbs hoping to lead those who haven’t seen it yet to the cinemas. Yes, it’s that enjoyable. So enjoyable in fact that we didn’t even do a time check.

*Note: We left the cinema with more than seven items on our list, but we decided against putting all of them here because we don’t want to give the movie away.

1. The 20-minute short film, Angelito, shown before the movie. It’s the bridge between Heneral Luna and its sequel Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral. It’s done in the Heneral Luna tradition, which means a lot of relevant dialogues that should knock some sense into us. In Angelito, it’s about presidents, idols, and leaders. Brilliant.

2. Maja Salvador. The girl is excellent. She easily portrays Carson as fun-loving when she needs to be, as serious when it calls for it; when she pines away for Dio, you feel as though you know exactly what she’s going through. She holds her bottle the way normal people do when they’re out drinking beer, and she doesn’t do the irritating overtly drunk act the way most actors do when in a drinking scene. What a natural.

3. Pathy. Yes, her name is spelled with an H. She’s a vegan, wears flower crowns on her head, and travels to “find herself.” Ugh, so annoying. Jasmine Curtis-Smith is so effective in playing this necessary cliché.

4. The morning-after scene. We don’t mean post-coital, but we’re pretty sure you’ll know what we mean when we say “morning-after.” That Jason Ty opened the scene by saying something about saying “I love you” while having sex was funny. That it was followed by a tearful Maja, eating spoonfuls of daing, egg, and rice as she was relating what happened the night before was heartbreakingly real.

5. The mom’s phone call as Carson was packing to go home. What a yapper, asking too many questions but not letting Carson answer. And when Carson does, she goes emotional and the mom thinks she’s being a pest. We don’t know about you but she sounds exactly like our mudra.

6. The music. Maaaan, what an amazing mix of OPM! There are old ditties, new ones, covers, and unreleased songs that though, as some have observed, have been taken a little too literally, we feel all help in carving a nice musical landscape.

7. That last scene. Which, if we may, wasn’t so much driven by the actors or the fact that it was already the end, but by the music. Amazing use of Sugarfree’s “Burnout.”

And in case you’re still unsure, please watch the trailer again:


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