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It’s exactly been a year since Vybe Productions put up GoodVybes Fest where Passion Pit, Oh Wonder, Stars, and CHVRCHES  performed. And just because it was an astounding experience—it was Passion Pit’s delayed first concert in Metro Manila, remember?— Manila Concert Scene reminisced the moment with a tweet earlier this morning.

But instead of reliving good vibes, Passion Pit’s Michael Angelakos replies to the tweet by disclosing an embarrassing little detail: He’s says he’s yet to be paid. Uh-oh.

Of course Twitter netizens were quick to react and apologize, with GoodVybes joining the fray. In a two-part message, the production company clarified, saying they’re done with payment deliverables and all that money crapola.

Speaking to Bandwagon Asia, Nico Bacani, President of Vybe Productions said, “It’s unfair of Michael to make sweeping statements like that, especially because he didn’t make it clear if he was referring to his agency or GoodVybes. We have paid his agency.”

Proving he resides online, Michael Passion Pit issues a prompt reply saying the original tweet from Manila Concert Scene reminded him of the said show, and welp! That he’s still waiting to get paid for it.

Headline and featured image grabbed from Passion Pit official Facebook page

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