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A burger stall offering cute colored burger buns in Intramuros will have you remember that Spongebob episode where Spongebob cooked colored Krabby patties. We mean, look at that:

Imba Burger Stall has been dishing out the usual sandwich and burger fare on Real Street in Intramuros since 2014. It’s a hit about students in the area because not only is the food affordable, the burgers and sandwiches are quite decent, too.

Two weeks ago though, the stall started offering colored buns making them a bigger hit in the area. There are four colors to choose from: red, green, pink, and purple.

According to the kuyas of Imba, people are better off ordering these buns Friday onwards when they are all available. “Bago pa lang po kasi, so inaayos pa yung mga deliveries,” One of them said. They get it from a supplier Pasig, which also supplies buns to a well-known local burri—we mean, burger brand.

Much like the regular burger bun, Imba places the colored buns on the furnace until they’re slightly toasted on the outside, and yummy-chewy on the inside.

They do not have a distinct taste (read: it’s basically food coloring)—but its IG charm makes it irresistible.


You can customize your burger and add all the ingredients that you want. They also serve the All-In burger which contains chicken spread, burger patty, ham, egg, hotdog, coleslaw, and cheese in between a burger bun for only P65.

We tried 3 combinations from their menu. The chicken spread, ham, cheese, and coleslaw only cost us P30. The egg, cheese, and coleslaw combination, and the cheese burger and coleslaw combination, which are both modest at P20.

MB Life tip: Always add the chicken spread to your chosen combination because it’s just so good!

Imba Burger is located at Real St., Intramuros near San Agustin Church. Opens Mon-Sat, 10am-8pm.

Photos by Madel Crudo


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