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It seems like we’ve been missing out. The Philippines apparently has a sunflower maze! Rows upon rows of the tall, cheery flower in which you get lost.

We’re free to check it out and visit until the second week of March. That’s the week of March 6, in case you’re wondering.

So where do we find the country’s first-ever sunflower maze? At the Allied Agro-Tech property in Barangay C. Lichauco in Tayug, Pangasinan, that’s where.

The Allied Agro-Tech is a 23-hectare land owned by Allied Botanical Corporation (ABC), a 100 percent “Filipino owned seed company with a research and development program.”

Basically, the company produces, breeds, and supplies vegetable and flower seeds in the country.

Anyway, ABC has been holding yearly open houses, where the public is free to visit its facilities, check out its farm where about 30 kinds of flowers are in bloom, buy fresh produce, attend workshops and seminars, and try out curious things like purple corn.

This year, among the many things to catch it’s the sunflower maze, a huge field populated by about 8,000 six-foot tall sunflowers.

Cough out P100 at the door and you’re free to get lost in the maze. Walk-ins are welcome; no need to pre-book.

The open house this year started just last Friday and will last until the second week of March. They couldn’t give us an exact date of when the open house will end because “siyempre po, sinasabayan natin kung kailan in full bloom yung mga bulaklak,” the very helpful and efficient Malyn tells MB Life on the phone. And so we settle with the rough estimate: second week of March.

That said, it might not be a good idea to procrastinate on this one. We’re up against Mother Nature and Father Time! Below is the map, for your convenience:

Barangay C. Lichauco, Tayug, Pangasinan. Open daily from 7am-4pm. P100

Photo: ABC | Facebook


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