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It’s so easy to join the bandwagon and laugh at and/or hate someone for his behavior the past seven months this week.

But we are betting our lunch money that speaking for a President who is prone to long-winded speeches and dealing with pesky deadline-beating reporters is a highly stressful job—finals week pales in comparison.

You’re bound to lose your cool, as someone who will remain unnamed, did.

We thought we better ask former press secretary Herminio ‘Sonny’ Coloma how in hell’s name was he able to he keep his cool all those years he dealt with the press and spoke for the President. (Full disclosure: He is also one of our bosses here in Manila Bulletin)

It seems he did it with the knowledge that “covering the president and the top officials of the land is inherently stressful.”

But ever the cool cucumber, Mr. Coloma also lets us in on how life is like in that side of the fence: “if it’s stressful for the reporters, it’s also stressful for the people they cover.”

He said things he learned during a transcendental meditation class really helped, too. “It starts with the acknowledgement of liking what you do—I’m glad I’m here—which begs to be reciprocated so you continue by saying ‘I’m glad you’re here.'”

We guess that meditation class really woke him up because mindfulness became his default, which is a great thing especially when you’re in the business of issuing statements and answering persistent questions.

He tells us of the “toothpaste tube” theory, which honestly, should guide everybody who is in social media: “Once the toothpaste is out of the tube, it’s out of the tube.”

Meaning: Please be careful with what you put out there.

But the most important thing he said is a reminder not only for media practitioners but for everyone who deals with life and its drama. That’s you and us, baby:

“For all the hype and drama that characterizes the making of headline news, it’s only a job. The actors and players in this drama need not take themselves—and each other—too seriously. This role-playing will not be forever.

Perhaps, a little give-and-take will help. We will lead gentler, kinder, and healthier lives if we endeavor to understand each other’s situation and be mindful that, at its core, this activity involves earning an honest living for oneself and for one’s family.”

It’s only humpday Wednesday, which means we have two more days to bask in earning an honest living, people. Be well.


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