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Big bookstores are all around the city, which is great! We’re all for accessibility and even convenience of books. But as much as we love the National Bookstores, the Fully Bookeds, and the Goodwills of Manila, we can’t help but be drawn to independent bookstores.

So here’s the necessary spotlight to Books from Underground, a tiny bookstore—or book stall—located in Lagusnilad Underpass, between Intramuros and the Manila City Hall, we came across Books from Underground.


Sandwiched between stalls selling the usual tiangge fare, Books from Underground looks like a bookworm’s bookshelf: loaded to the brim and stacked with books with no particular filing system whatsoever.

Opposite it are even more books leaning on the walls of the underpass. One of the owners, AJ Laberinto, often mans the shop, helping visitors peruse the wide array of books: fiction, magazines, textbooks, comics, coffee table books and even albums. He’ll even give you his recommendations.

But what makes Books from Underground truly a gem is its rare book finds. You’d be surprised to learn that this humble stall actually carries 100-year-old Filipiniana books. Insane, we know.

Unlike other secondhand bookshops, Books from Underground gets deliveries of pre-loved and even brand new books almost on a daily basis. But like other secondhand bookshops, these new deliveries also almost always get sold or reserved in an instant.

So thank heavens for Facebook, where Books from Underground maintains a page. In there, clients can reserve new titles, which the bookstore also regularly posts.

Clients can even throw in a request for them to look for a specific title. When Books from Underground obtains it, they will inform you, and give you the option to pick it up at the underpass or have it shipped to your doorstep. How convenient!

Books from Underground is located at the Lagusnilad underpass, Padre Burgos Ave. Manila. Opens daily, 3pm-11pm. +63927 964 1404. 


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