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Jamie’s Cakery and Kitchen, an hour away from Metro Manila in Taytay, Rizal, is taking “instagrammable” to a whole new level.

The first thing you’ll notice when you step inside the 20-seater eatery is how sweet its pastel-themed interiors is. Almost instinctively, your mind will go through a list of possible Instagram filters to use.

On the right side is what they’d like to call the “pastel crib.” Consisting of a mat, a low table, and pastel-colored throw pillows, the area is as chill as can get.

Jamie’s Cakery encourages its diners to take as much photos as they’d like, but conversation and interaction takes precedence; that’s the reason WiFi isn’t available.

It started as an online bakeshop in 2016, with Jamie’s opening a physical shop in January. According to owner Gina Resurreccion, they pursued building a café to fulfill her father’s dream of having a family-owned restaurant.

The cafe has the usual savory food selection like tapa, steak, chicken and waffle, and pasta. The Bud-imbap (P99) perhaps, is the most interesting item on the fairly pedestrian menu.

It is Jamie’s version of the Korean fave, bibimbap. It has the typical ingredients of bibimbap with the addition of budbod, a staple in Taytay food, making the dish saltier than the norm—not a bad thing.


It’s clear, however, that Jamie’s strength lies in its dessert menu. Much thought is clearly given to the dishes’ presentation making it—yup!—IG-worthy.

The Chocolate Chip Cake (P95) doesn’t sound all that but maaan. It’s all that. Because it’s half-baked, it has a delectably soft cookie dough texture, pairing perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and the drizzle of chocolate syrup it is served with.

The Birthday Cake Smoothie (P95) is surprisingly not sweet, with a slice of caramelized bread on the side pumping up the expected sweetness. The Salted Caramel Smoothie (P95), meanwhile, comes with a caramel bar that melts into the milkshake, making it better than a regular milkshake.

Chocolate chip cake

If we’re to recommend just one thing to try, it’s Jamie’s Bacon Waffle ala Mode (P150). It is freshly-made waffle sprinkled with crunchy bacon bits, topped with scoops of vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. It was served with maple syrup alongside that you can drizzle into the waffle.

Bacon waffle ala mode

Jamie’s is clearly internet inspired: such things as Unicorn cupcakes is on its menu but on the rainy Saturday that we visited, them magical cupcakes were out of stock.

Outside the cafe are railings where you can put love locks. It’s a cute addition, but that may be going a little overboard.

Jamie’s Cakery and Kitchen is located at Ricor Apartments, E. Rodriguez Ave. Taytay, Rizal near Siena College. Opens Tue-Sun, 3pm-10pm. +63917 468 9994 or +63916 469 3712

Photos: Jamie’s Cakery and Kitchen, Madel Crudo


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