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Located on Granada Street near Santolan and Ortigas Avenue Mien San has long been a favorite among residents of Greenhills, New Manila, and the surrounding areas. (Editor: Mien San also just opened on Connecticut Street right in the heart of Greenhills)



Many of these folks will gladly give you their recommendations but when Chef Gene Gonzales gives you a list of his favorites dishes—as he did in his Manila Bulletin column Thursday—you listen, and you take down notes, and you head out to Mien San the first chance you get.

Apart from his professional palate, Chef Gene is someone we’d trust on Mien San because his proximity—Cafe Ysabel on P. Guevarra (at least until April) is a neighbor of Mien San—dictates he is a Mien San regular. Anyway, check out his favorite dishes below:

1. Spicy pork and eggplant. “This black vinegar based gravied dish with shades of capsicum is delightfully dipped with their fried manto or steamed bread sopping up the tasty sauce with the softness of eggplant and texture from the minced spiced pork.” Did reading also make you salivate?

2. Beef-tendon-goto noodles. This is the singular Mien San dish that all fans will agree on and recommend to Mien San virgins. And nobody could have said it better than Chef Gene: “its complex spicing and umami elements of preserved radish and mustard is one of the best beef noodle dishes one can have.” Amen, chef!

3. Cold Tofu with Garlicy Soy and Floss Toppings. Served with cold quarters of century egg, it’s “an excellent starter and umami bomb” Chef Gene continues.

4. Shanghai Steamed Buns. The fried crusted bottoms definitely make Mien San’s steamed buns special. Says Chef Gene, “these buns are unique for there is no placei n the country where you bite into this and it excrete its broth from the minced pork quite like the famed xiao long bao.”

5. Shredded Pork and Tofu. The good chef has been coming to Mien San for decades and ordering this that he notices when Mien San replaces the green garlic chives with whiter garlic chives.

6. Spicy Wantons. Says Chef Gene, Mien San’s Spicy Wantons used to be a dare dish, in that the sauce and the heat often cause a sneezing reflex. He notes the restaurant has toned down the spice factor but it remains a must-try.

7. Lomi. His favorite when he stops by for a visit, Mien San’s lomi, he says reminds him of “the Singaporean Lormee except that this restaurant does not need to load up. It’s well favored with soy sauce.

[h/t Manila Bulletin]

42 Granada Street, Valencia, Quezon City. 10:30am-11:30pm. +63 2 7215794


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