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As though we need another reason to love Lea Salonga any more, here comes the award-winning theater actress with voice as clear and sparkling as a chandelier with beautiful words about…weirdness.

“Being weird is not a bad thing because that’s where great art come from,” the 46-year-old singer tells Stephanie Marie Bernardino of Manila Bulletin.

According to Lea, you don’t need to worry about fitting in because “it’s not about trying to fit in but trying to be who you are and making your dreams come true in your way.”

Never been said better!

After finishing her stint as a judge on ABS-CBN’s The Voice Philippines, Lea is now mentoring young girls in the digital reality-series Disney Princess: I Dare To Dream, a project of Walt Disney and Globe Telecom.

It’s a gig that has let her come full circle. “I also had some of the best mentors who kind of pushed me and helped me focus while growing up.”

And now she’s also returning the favor by paying it forward? Can we love her any more?

By the way, she just celebrated her birthday on February 22—belated happy birthday, Miss Lea!

And just for added good vibes, a video:

[Manila Bulletin; Photo: Lea Salonga | Instagram]

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