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Here’s proof of how nice and polite Canadians really are: at today’s lunchtime launch of Tim Hortons’ first branch in the Philippines, food and coffee kept getting served fresh out of the kitchen.

We were definitely hungry the moment we sat down, but we inevitably reached a point where we had to beg off from receiving any more dessert pastries. The taste buds are still willing but the stomach has its limits.

But all this is a great thing. The popular Canadian café and bakeshop has picked Manila to be the first site of its expansion into the Southeast Asian region, given the ravenous appetite Filipinos have for anything novel in the food scene.

Founded in 1964 by Canadian hockey legend Tim Horton, his eponymous brand has become one of the iconic symbols of the Canadian national identity, right up there with the maple leaf, hockey, and saying “Eh?” at the end of a sentence.

Their menu serves both savory and sweet pastries to go with the selection of coffee, but their most popular items are the simpler and more classic choices of Double Double coffee, with double cream and double sugar, and Timbits, donut-hole sized balls of pastry that you can easily, constantly keep popping into your mouth.

For brunch and dinner, they also have the more substantial Bagel B.E.L.T. (bacon, egg omelette, lettuce, and tomato), hot breakfast sandwiches on Homestyle biscuits, wraps, and soups that can be matched with either hot and cold beverages of your choice (lattes, espressos, smoothies, and Tim Hortons’ signature creamy cool Iced Capp). Capping off a meal would be their cookies that are delightfully moist and chewy.

More donuts and coffee for us to gorge on? As if we’d ever turn away sugar. Pour some maple sugar on us, Timmy Ho’s.

Tim Hortons opens its first Manila branch on February 28 at the ground floor of Uptown Mall at Bonifacio Global Center.

The first customer to make a purchase will get a free cup of coffee and a donut of their choice everyday for free for one whole year. Then, between 4 to 5 pm of the Tim Hortons opening day, each customer will receive a classic donut and an original brewed coffee for free.

Tim Hortons’ muffins and eclairs. Just add coffee


The famed Bagel BELT


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