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Obviously, the hashtag #OneForLeila was made to show support for the lady senator who was arrested on Friday, Feb 24 for her alleged involvement in the drug trade.

A click on it on Twitter opened up a pandora’s box that is truly giving us the creeps. Yes, there’s a shitload of support for her, some we’d even consider blind, which is yuck—when will we learn to stop thinking like sheep?

But two other types of tweets fare far worse! First, the reasonable and sobering tweets that have been showing us the gravity of the arrest. And second—and the worst of the lot—are the hate-laden tweets from pro-administration netizens,which, by the way, continue to turn us off the government and the president.

We mean, we don’t particularly adore Sen. De Lima but that kind of commentary doesn’t do anything to advance critical thinking or help in the discussion! That’s pure hate, man and that’s just not cool.

We won’t say anymore, just we’re just looking for a support group because we are very scared. To the politicians writing our history: you guys are making up our future! Don’t mess it up.


Photo: Manila Bulletin



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