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No time to work out? No trainer to coach you? No money for gym fees? That’s what the Nike+ Training Club is here for. Launched in 2009 and originally designed to cater to women, the popular fitness app, with more than 130 workouts developed by Nike athletes and trainers, has since been downloaded and installed by five million users, both men and women from all over the world.

In January, it rolled out its latest version, which now makes putting together a fitness program specific to your goals easier and more focused.

NTC can help you raise your endurance, increase your strength, improve your mobility—whatever your goals, NTC can and will help, with the routines taking into consideration your age, gender, height-to-weight ratio, and weekly availability for doing workouts.

They also get more challenging as you progress along your five-week program, ensuring that you’re not merely exercising but are actually training. In fact, that’s how Nike puts its campaign: “Stop exercising. Start training.”

But ever the insatiable beast, the global brand, starting March 4, will be strengthening further Manila’s growing fitness community with its bi-weekly Nike+ Training Club Classes.

Nike-certified trainers Lian Melegrito (Strength expert), Tanya Aguila (Mobility expert), and Trish Ayson (Endurance expert) will be leading the classes, guiding and motivating participants to push their limits further in their journey to fitness.

The NTC Classes, like the app, are for free.

They will be held every Wednesday at 8:30 pm and every Saturday at 10:30 am at Kerry Sports Manila in Bonifacio Global City.

But here’s the fine print: There are only 25 slots per class that need to be pre-booked. To reserve one of the coveted 25 slots, sign up to become a Nike+ member here.

The first NTC Endurance Class is on March 24, with registration opening on Monday, Feb 26 at 2pm. Remember: There are only 25 slots available.

So if you’ve been remiss on following through with your New Year fitness resolutions, it isn’t too late yet to get back on track. Actually, you have no more reason not to.


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