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La La La Land struck the hearts of a lot of the movie-going folks with its story about chasing dreams and a love that could’ve been.

And though haters and cynics are gaining better traction ahead of the Academy Awards, drowning out the early love and appreciation for it, there’s another thing that Oscar best picture nominee is winning at: music.

According to Spotify, the OST of La La Land has been streamed over 120 million times since it was made available on the music streaming app less than three months ago on December 9.

Let that sink in for a minute: 120 million times in less than three months.

The Philippines in fact is among the top ten countries that couldn’t get enough of the OST. There were so many Filipinos listening to the OST that according to Spotify data, we are in the top 6th place.

The poignant “City of Stars” in particular is massively popular the world over, enjoying about 21 million streams, making it the most streamed song globally.

In case this gets you in the mood to listen, check out the link below:

Photos: La La Land | Instagram


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