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Granted the ‘Duterte Youth’ group that has been showing up at anti-administration rallies has become something of a, erm, joke—thanks in part to their modest numbers (barely a dozen) and their appearance (Is it just us or they really don’t look young?).

Like before, seven not-so-young-looking men who branded themselves as “Duterte Youth” showed up at the EDSA 31st celebration, which easily became an anti-administration protest, thanks to recent unfortunate events, chief of which was the president’s too friendly attitude towards the Marcoses.

Like before, they showed up just a little after the program started at 4:30pm. They wanted to show support for the president.

But EDSA party peeps wouldn’t have any of whatever antics these seven men could bring. They treated the youth like party crashers (that yes, they were), with Jim Paredes in particular, engaging them, even berating them for not “guiding themselves enough.”

It was caught on video, and man. As much as Tito Jim made so much sense, there’s a huge part of us wishing he treated them better.

He called one a coward, and urged another to “wake up! Pilipino tayo.”

He continued his sermon: “You are the future of this country and you sold your will, you sold your conscience, and you sold your thinking to some madness.”

Jim was pretty headstrong that other anti-administration folks jumped in on the scene. “Wala kayong lugar dito. Nambabastos kayo,” chimed one of Jim’s comrades.

It tensed up good—the anti-administration folks advanced in on the seven brave Duterte kids who had to step back, the police breaking up the scuffle.

On Twitter, Jim Paredes spoke about the encounter. “It is so satisfying to shut them up when it mattered. Face to face. In Person,” his last sentence read.


Yes, they were party crashers. And yes, we feel the same frustration. But dude. They were…seven. Seven.

Thankfully, there were other EDSA rallyists who demonstrated the EDSA spirit. Another video showed other EDSA rallyists giving the seven-member Duterte Youth team some flowers—much like what happened in EDSA 31 years ago.

Scuffle between #EDSA31 organizers and #Duterteyouth members

Posted by Jamela Alindogan-Caudron on Saturday, February 25, 2017


Mga POWER OF WE rallyist binigyan ng bulaklak ang mga puganteng DUTERTE baYOUTH na nanggugulo para lang maipakita ang kanilang suporta sa kanilang Lord Digong.Umeeffort pa kasi ang mga tanga na manggulo sa commemoration ng EDSA People Power dahil sobrang threaten.Para isaksak ko sa mga tatanga tangang utak ng mga Brand X, ang EDSA ay hindi lang tungkol sa mga Aquino kundi ito ay tungkol ito sa mga Pilipino na lumaban sa demokrasya ng bansa natin.Basag ang fuckmumukha ng mga Demonyong DUTERTE baYOUTH dahil kahit sangkagaguhan ang ginawa nila sa EDSA ay kabutihan naman ang iginanti ng Kultong Dilawan sa kanila.

Posted by Madam Claudia on Saturday, February 25, 2017



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