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We know it sounds a little new-agey (nuts, even) for your smart, logical brain, but if you’re at the end of the road and your thoughts are still ever so oppressive, and despair is taking over, and you just want to break that vicious cycle you keep falling into, may we point you to Third Eye Wellness Center?

Shush it with your eye roll, because this might change your life—as it has for a lot of troubled individuals. Tucked away in a quiet and peaceful corner at Bonifacio Global City, Third Eye Wellness is where you can get a massage, have a healthy meal, or go in for a healing session—therapies, energy healings, personal readings and consultations.

As soon as you enter, its Chakra Café and Transcend Spa nad Nails greet you. The former advocates health and nutrition, where organic options, healthy snacks, and fresh juices are available. Overlooking the greenery of Lawton Avenue, here you can have a quiet, peaceful, and detoxifying meal.

Chakra Cafe

The latter meanwhile dishes out beauty treatments that are coupled with healing therapies for a complete mind-body experience. Its nail technicians for instance, are trained in alternative healing techniques like Reiki so apart from getting beautiful nails, you also get extra relief and relaxation.

Further inside Third Eye Wellness are five rooms where a myriad of restorative sessions are conducted. In those five rooms is where your personal healing can and will take place. You can have your tarot cards read so as to quiet those never-ending questions, you can book a session of ThetaHealing and experience the life-changing, almost miraculous effects that everybody who has done it says so. Past Life Regressions, Pranic Healing, Reiki, and space clearing are also just a few of their services offered.

It all sounds baloney—and we get you. So to prove ourselves wrong, we went in for tarot card reading. Allow us to tell you: we’ve had our tarot cards read before but at Third Eye Wellness, it was an experience unlike all the other tarot card readings we’ve done in the past.

Conducted by Neetu Singh Chadha, a stylish certified Spiritual Healer of Indian descent, the reading felt a lot like finding a mirror in the most unexpected place—it was scary and startling and when the shock factor has worn off, rather affirming. It gets you excited for the future.

ThetaHealing, meanwhile, is something we’re still raring to try in Third Eye Wellness in particular.The center’s founder Sanaiyah Gurnamal after all, brought the practice to the Philippines; she is the first certified Theta teacher in the country.

Just an FYI: ThetaHealing is the practice of removing blockages in your energy system, which may be causing that rut you’re stuck in, the depression you’re feeling, or even a few ailments.

Transcend Spa and Nails

“I’d say we are a place where the hopeless, the helpless, and the desperate can come in and get healed. If you have anxiety issues, or low self-esteem. When you’re plagued with guilt or have problems that’s starting to affect your health, we can help” Sanaiyah says.

In the eight years that they’ve been opened in the Philippines, Third Eye Wellness has helped cure a slew of illnesses plaguing the body (like migraines), the spirit (terrible guilt) and the mind (anxiety disorders).

“I used to have a bad case of lactose intolerance but Theta sorted me out,” Sanaiyah attests. She tells us they’ve helped people with depression, bad habits (like gambling), and though they’ve yet to treat a remorseful murderer, Sanaiyah says they’ve dealt with a lot of women struggling with issues brought about by bad decisions, like abortion.

We can’t say we’re fully converted with this whole healing brouhaha, but for someone who’s had it with the rut they’re stuck in, want to break that vicious cycle, or even just a bad habit, there’s no harm visiting Third Eye Wellness. For all you know, a sandwich at the quiet Chakra Cafe could be the only thing you needed after all.

One of the rooms at Third Eye Wellness

6/F 20th Drive Corporate Center, 20th Drive, McKinley Business Park, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. +63 28082984. Website


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