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At the Oscar Awards Monday morning Manila time, actress Faye Dunaway pulls a Steve Harvey and incorrectly announces La La Land as the Best Picture of the Academy Awards.

The cast and crew of the musical were already on stage, receiving the award when La La Land producer Jordan Horowitz, holding the winners card in his hand, caught the mistake.

He interrupted the celebration, and shoves the card to the camera for all the viewers to see which movie was the real winner: Moonlight.

“This is not a joke. We would like to have won best picture,” he says on the mic.

Warren Beatty, who co-presented the award with Faye Dunaway, “then stepped to the mic and explained that the reason it had taken him so long to read the card, was because he was looking at something that said Emma Stone had won,” an LA Times article read.

“At that point, he sowed it to Dunaway, who announced ‘La La Land’. Beatty assured viewers that the error was unintentional and he wasn’t trying to turn the biggest award into a joke,” continues the LA Times article.

We don’t know about you, but we appreciate a good laugh on Mondays. Watch the clip below:


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