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Apart from possibly giving the bored security guard a little excitement to his day, this 3D fish wallet should teach your nosy mother sister a less on or two about rummaging through your belongings. We mean, how realistic looking is this?!

Scales, check. Fins, check, even the fish eyes are as real as real can get.

But of course it doesn’t end there: Open the zipper from its under belly and real-looking raw insides of a tilapia will reveal itself.

If we may be blunt about it: it’s so dumb, it’s great.

It’s made with polyester cloth and can be used as a pencil case, or coin purse or wallet—or just a play thing. It’s being sold by online shop Orange Tag Online and should be readily available anytime from March 5-10.

Funny right?

PHOTO: Orange Tag Online | Facebook

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