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Ah, Manila Bulletin Classifieds, the insanely thick Sunday supplement that surely, your parents have handed to you once (or four times?) a few months after graduation, because “diyan kami ng mommy mo nakahanap ng trabaho.”

But all them opportunities, they’re no longer just in the pages of the oldest newspaper in the land.

Manila Bulletin Classifieds has been holding job fairs since 2013, where an average of 368 companies participate, and where people actually get hired on the spot.

If you happen to be looking for work, Manila Bulletin Classifieds will hold the 35th Job Fair on March 7-8 at the SM North EDSA Skydome.

But here’s the great thing about the Job Fair—it’s not just about finding a job. They’re bringing it a notch higher by helping you find the right job, maybe help do a career shift.

There are speakers—five to be exact—who will give talks about things like personal branding (Pocholo Gonzales, 1pm, Mar 7), making a career shift (Herald Felicelda, 1pm, Mar 8), how to nail an interview (Malvin Dinlasan, 4pm, Feb 7) and how to get hired (Blasgil Tanquilit, 3pm, Mar 7-8).

There are other things too, like what is always welcome: Free food. The first 500 jobseekers on site on both days get a free burger.

And should you be one of the lucky ones to get hired on the spot—because it does happen—you get your photo taken. We don’t really know what this is for, but hey. We’d totally do it, for posterity’s sake.

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