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To celebrate its 20th birthday—20th!!!—Fruits in Ice Cream just released a frozen custard line.

Now, frozen custard is not just a fancy name for ice cream. The main difference between the two is eggs. Frozen custard has eggs in it, ice cream doesn’t.

Besides, “frozen custard has less air churned into it,” writes CJ Juntereal on Manila Bulletin. FIC has about 70 to 75 percent churned air aka overrun, while regular ice cream has 100 percent overrun. This makes FIC frozen custards more compact, and gives it a richer and more luxurious mouth feel.

Anyway, FIC’s line of frozen custard has four basic flavors. There’s the Vanilla Bean, which CJ says tastes of pure fresh cream and real vanilla. It is densely speckled with tiny black dots of real vanilla bean. The Dark Chocolate Truffle meanwhile had a course texture thanks to the chocolate truffle incorporated into the custard.

Espresso has a combination of different Arabica beans roasted to various degrees making it taste like real espresso. CJ says it should prolly come with a warning sign: Don’t consume in the evening, if you want to sleep.

But of everything, however, our curiosity was piqued with the Mantecado Real. Apart from CJ saying it tastes exactly the real mantecado ice cream of before, his comparing it to a frozen butterball candy totally did it for us. We mean, ins’t that Carson and Dio’s favorite?

Yeah, we’re still hung over with that movie.

FIC’s frozen custard should be available on the second week of March with an intro price of P380 for an 800 ml tub. We’re ready for you, summer!

[h/t Manila Bulletin]


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