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Getting healthy takes really a lot of time and a lot more effort.

According to AIA, Philippines scored low on the 2016 Healthy Living Index due to unhealthy habits—as in we only scored a pathetic measely 61 points out of 100, putting us in 9th place out of 15. Yikes!

Which is why, Philam Life, which is also part of the AIA group of companies, finally decided to let the greater public in on the Philam Vitality Active mobile app, an app which was only offered to Philam Life employees and plan holders.

What sets the Philam app apart from other health/exercise apps? It was designed to reward its users for every personal health goal they achieve.

Here’s how it goes: Download the free app from the Appstore or GooglePlay. Then you’ll need to complete a short questionnaire that will calculate your Philam Vitality Age, which will gauge of how well you live.

It will then give you weekly challenges that you must accomplish, like completing a certain number of steps.

If you achieve these challenges for two consecutive weeks, you’ll receive rewards from Philam Life’s partner companies. A few examples of rewards you can get: Free passes to SM Cinema, or SM Ice Skating, or SM Bowling, Blink, Exploreum, discounted rides with Grab and a lot more.

The app also aims to keep Philam Life’s mission to change the perception of people towards life insurance policies. “Realizing how important good health to us and how it is a central to human happiness and economic progress; the Philam Group together with AIA, will reinvent life insurance by changing our and our customers’ attitude towards health,” said Philam Life CEO Aibee Cantos.


Reap the rewards when you #LiveActive and enjoy exclusive freebies on your favorite SM entertainment hubs when you use…

Posted by Philam Life on Saturday, February 25, 2017

Photo: Philam Life


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