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Everyone’s favorite anti-hero is back in his Spandex-arrayed glory on the first teaser released for the Ryan Reynolds-led film Deadpool 2 through the actor’s YouTube channel with the title, “No Good Deed”.

The remarkable Marvel reveal shown before screenings of Hugh Jackman’s Logan came in the form of a roughly 4-minute footage about Wade Wilson’s heroic gesture gone wrong. Spending too much time changing into his skin-tight costume (with his butt cheeks pressed on the wall at one point), all the while strapping his boots on and making a call in a phone booth in the middle of the street, he failed in saving a man held at gun point.

He did, however, ran so valiantly towards the guy to the tune of the iconic Superman theme in the background, admitting that he should’ve just called 911. Wade rested his head on the dead man’s body, saying, “The fuck is a phone booth doing in a street corner?”, and proceeded on taking his Cherry Garcia ice cream. Ah, the glorious fourth wall break.

The teaser’s heaped with significant notes: Stan Lee’s cameo, a rather subtle nod to Cable (also known as Nathan Summers), an X-Men character said to be appearing in the much awaited seque—in a scribble on the booth that reads, “Nathan Summers cumming soon.”

The video has wound up quite a frenzy on social media, but the film remains far-flung from more of a solid cast announcement yet.

Ever reflective of Deadpool’s untraditional ways, the movie’s actual debut date was mentioned in the teaser as “not soon enough.”

On a serious note, Deadpool 2 will be hitting the theaters on March 2, 2018. A good day for a Chimichanga kind of date, yes?

Photo: Screengrab | Youtube


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