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Some Instagram enthusiasts are becoming overly OC with their feeds. Aside from bloggers who keep their feeds spic and span, there are also local celebrities who make sure that their IG pages are presentable and #FeedGoal-worthy all the time.

In terms of styling and creative takes on photos –  use of filters, meticulously scheduled photos, or carefully cropped snaps – the IG accounts of James Reid, Nadine Lustre, Louise delos Reyes, and Paulo Avelino, among others, stand out above the crowd.


James Reid's Instagram feed
James Reid’s Instagram feed
Nadine Lustre's Instagram feed
Nadine Lustre’s Instagram feed
Louise delos Reyes' Instagram feed
Louise delos Reyes’ Instagram feed
Paulo Avelino's Instagram feed
Paulo Avelino’s Instagram feed

There are also celebrities who opt to reveal their travels via Instagram. Check out the pages of Andi Eigenmann, Markki Stroem, Toni Gonzaga, and Maine Mendoza:


Andi Eigenmann's Instagram feed
Andi Eigenmann’s Instagram feed
Markki Stroem's Instagram feed
Markki Stroem’s Instagram feed
Toni Gonzaga's Instagram feed
Toni Gonzaga’s Instagram feed
Maine Mendoza's Instagram feed
Maine Mendoza’s Instagram feed


Meanwhile, there are also showbiz personalities who strike wacky poses but still manage to look good in her photos like Alex Gonzaga, or those whose feeds are worth visiting even though it’s mostly composed of their macho angles – like Enzo Pineda’s. Their feed is more of like an “anything under the sun” type of feed, but nonetheless, it’s beautiful!

Alex Gonzaga's Instagram feed
Alex Gonzaga’s Instagram feed
Enzo Pineda's Instagram feed
Enzo Pineda’s Instagram feed

Pretty sure that there are still more #FeedGoals-worthy feeds out there. Care to share who your favorite users are?

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