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Facebook finally grants the most awaited and (pretty much) always-ignored request for a “dislike” button–kind of.

The wave of bid from users even before the social media giant has launched reactions over a year ago is currently on trials in the new Messenger refurbish, although not in the way we’re expecting it to be.

Instead of “disliking” content on the News Feed with a thumbs down emoji as we’ve imagined, Facebook is developing said trialing on individual messages via Messenger Reactions.

The experiment contains a dislike reaction along with the usual suspects of emoticons like “like,” “love,” “wow,” among others.

Photo courtesy of Hypebeast

It could be recalled that the same function of letting people hover over a message and assign a “like” or “dislike” (and other emoticons) go with Slack and iMessage as well.

A Facebook representative told TechCrunch that they’re “always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging.” It does, however, float the underlying question of efficacy. While Slack proves to be sailing smooth on this tactic in work exchanges, Messenger did compete best with its offer of easy conversations.

At the moment, the feature is being rolled out to some users, but Messenger Reactions will be available to everyone if the testing goes down well.

Headline photo: Hypebeast


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