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The Twitter-verse is looking very cool, calm, and very level-headed next to the Philippine embassy in the US, which was quick to cry foul over the representation of our dear president in the “Break in Diplomacy” episode of Madam Secretary, a TV series from CBS Network.

Back the truck up: “Break in Diplomacy” is the 15th episode of season three, which depicts the “unconventional” Philippine leader making sexual advances to the lead character, US Secretary of State Elizabeth McCord, earning him a nice punch in the face from the former CIA operative.

Madam Secretary, BTW is a work of fiction.

The Philippine Embassy in Washington D.C. already issued a statement, which of course, has already been posted on its Facebook page.

““This highly negative portrayal of our Head of State not only casts doubt on the respectability of the Office of the Philippine President but also denigrates that way our nation navigates foreign affairs. It also tarnishes the Philippines’ longstanding advocacy for women’s rights and gender equality,” the Philippine mission said in its statement.

But Twitter sure sings a different tune. Check out some of the most level-headed tweets we’ve come across. Makes us wonder where the trolls are at, TBH.

[h/t Manila Bulletin]


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