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Manila Bulletin published a super enlightening read about how the Philippines fared in women’s issues compared to the rest of the world last Sunday. Apart from showing how good (or bad) we were doing, it also showed what life is like for Filipinas.

Because it’s International Women’s Day, we thought we’d focus on a few facts that may matter to millennial Filipinos—and millennials-at-heart.

1. We are in the Top 10 countries of the Global Gender Gap, maintaining our rank of 7th from the previous year. We made strides on the Economic Participation and Opportunity subindex and wage equality.

2. Filipinas get married at the age of 27. The rest of our sisters in the world? At age 29.


3. Eighteen percent of Filipinas have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner at some point of their lives. The rest of the world? It’s 1 out of 3.


4. In the Philippines, women are better educated than men. Of the eight criteria points in education, men only overtook the females in two points: tertiary education attainment rate (15 percent to 9 percent) and tertiary-level graduates in STEM studies (35 percent to 15 percent).


5. In the Philippines, there are more female professional and technical workers than men: 61 percent to 39 percent. But there are more male legislators, senior officials and managers (53 percent to 47 percent), more men holding ministerial positions (80 percent to 20 percent) and men seated in the upper house (75 percent to 27 percent).


6. In the GGG Report of 2016, the Philippines is ranked 31 in terms of annual earned income. Men average about $8,233 in estimated annual earned income, while women, a modest $5,691 only.


7. Women are better at saving money! 34 percent of Filipinas saved for the rainy day, while only 22 percent of men did the same.

[h/t Manila Bulletin]


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