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On Tuesday, Mar 7, the House of Representatives, on the 3rd and final reading, passed the House Bill 4727 (HB 4727) that seeks the return of the death penalty here in the Philippines.

The bill will allow judges to punish perpetrators of  drug-related crimes with either reclusion perpetua (life imprisonment) or death. HB 4727 allows the execution to be done either through hanging, firing squad, or lethal injection.

Without a doubt, it is a sad, sad day for the Philippines. Here are some of the surprising things happened during the plenary that made us all gaze in shock:

1. 217 lawmakers voted in favor, 54 voted against and 1 abstained.

Yes, you read it right. More than half of the representatives voted in favor of the house bill. Hayy, Philippines.

2. Rep. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo voted against HB 4727.

Photo by Manila Bulletin

The former president remained consistent with her values. In 2006, she abolished the capital punishment during her term as president. While the floor applauded her yesterday, Rep. Arroyo may lost her deputy speaker post after the ‘no’ vote.

3. The wife of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos voted against death penalty

The world never fail to surprise us.

4.  The strange fact that we are on the same side of an issue as Imelda Marcos.


5. Rep. Geraldine Roman voted YES to death penalty.   

Photo grabbed from@geraldinebroman

It’s unfortunate that the first transgender politician in the Philippines voted yes to the death penalty.

Anyway, to these 54 lawmakers who stood up and voted against the return of death penalty in the Philippines, thank you so much. Thank you for fighting for us.

Headline image: Manila Bulletin


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