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So yesterday, Congress approved the death penalty with 217 lawmakers voting yes to it (54 voted against it, one abstained, and 36 were absent).

Both representatives of Parañaque voted yes, which appalled 26-year-old Raj Bay. “Excuse me, you do not represent me,” a portion of Bay’s all-caps, triple exclamation point-punctuated Facebook post read.

The resident of Parañaque’s District 2 was so appalled, he looked for the Facebook page of his representative, Congressman Gus Tambunting. “My immediate reaction was to send a message on his FB page since I saw it was active in replying,” Bay tells MB Life.

And so he did. True to form, the lawmaker—or his social media managers—replied quickly to Bay. A short exchange transpired, which escalated quickly. See below:

As of Wednesday morning, Bay has yet to hear from Rep. Tambunting—or his social media managers. “I was looking forward to a lengthy discussion of his reasons for voting yes. Instead I got a rude answer,” Bay says, adding he understands the pressure.

“I just felt disappointed that they can’t or won’t publish the survey which he used as the basis for his vote (assuming also that it was our LGU which funded the survey),” he continues, saying he really wanted to see the process and the results.

In the About section of Rep. Gus Tambunting’s Facebook page, you will see the vision and mission of the good congressman. One of them, curiously, is this: To promote public morality and sense of decency.

Err, we don’t know about public morality and the death penalty, but okay.

Anyway, Bay continues: “Paranaque D2 is a relatively small community. Residents are easily reachable by barangays and various Homeowners federations and associations. I felt that they could’ve done surveys of a bigger scale, which if I may, is a personal thought. I am not a stat expert or anything.”

Aww very many people are feeling just as frustrated as Bay right now.

Which is why we feel like it’s time we our cue from Bay. Next time something like this happens, get your voices heard! Use your phone, call your representative’s office, text him/her, leave a message on his/her Facebook page.

Or put your social media to good use—remember how the hashtag #DontTaxMyBeauty stopped the dumb proposal to tax makeup?

Get heard! It works!

See, this is why we voted for a representative. Our congressmen and women should be able to represent us, and represent us well.


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