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Because a lot of people still seem confused to how millennials work and think, allow us to celebrate International Women’s Day by showing you nine women we adore, look up to, and have bookmarked as our #lifepegs.

1. Gina Lopez

Secretary Gina Lopez is perhaps the gutsiest we’ve seen of this administration. She’s fearlessly going up against big mining corporations—big businesses that spell money—all in the name of the environment. So many people are angry with her: mining business owners, mining business employees who don’t know any other life, the families of these miners, but she’s not afraid. She’s not even angry. You see her happily doing her job. We can only hope we land ourselves the same job we can do with enough happy passion as Secretary Gina does. 

2. Joey and Angelina Mead King

We can’t imagine the chaos that came with Angelina Mead King’s coming out back in 2016. The man that she used to be, after all, is married to model Joey Mead King. What will happen to the marriage then, we thought? But amid the circus, the love between the two blossomed. Joey Mead King standing beside and supporting the woman that her husband has become is everything. This is the kind of love we want for ourselves.

3. Alexandra Trese

A fictional character made by Budjette Tan and illustrated by Kajo Baldisimo, Alexandra Trese is a detective who deals with crimes of supernatural origin. She’s cool, her job is cool, and she gets things done. As the comic says, “When crime takes a turn for the weird, the police call Alexandra Trese.” We mean…right?

4. Bianca Gonzalez

As though juggling her time being a TV host, author, and being a hands-on mom to baby Lucia wasn’t enough, Bianca still manages to advocate education, youth and women empowerment. She is truly a role model to every young Filipina on how to use the power of social media to make a stand on every relevant issue.

5. Bebang Siy

Bebang Siy is a Filipino author and a mother of two. She is known for her book entitled It’s a Mens World, which is about the funny and bittersweet look at the life of every Filipina. Her books show us how women must be equally treated as men and make us feel empowered and confident to brave all the obstacles that we may encounter in our life.

6. Shaira Luna

Known as one of the “Promil gifted child” from a TV advertisement in the ’90s, Shaira is now one of the most famous fashion and advertising photographers in the country. What maintains her alterna-cool factor even though she’s reached mainstream-popularity? The fact that she’s self-taught. When she was a child, she tried to learn almost everything from music, sports to arts, but she didn’t study about photography and that’s what makes her awesome.

7. Abigail Diaz

Abigail aka Serafleur is a self-taught digital artist who is fond of creating different portraits. She is known for her artworks that signify all the different beauties of women. We are fangirling over her stunning illustrations and how she’s managed to become popular in the sea of artists all over the world.

8. Mich Dulce

British-trained milliner Mich Dulce is popular for her contemporary hats and headpieces which became part of London and Paris Fashion Week. She was also hailed as the British Council’s 2010 International Young Fashion Entrepreneur of the Year. But while her accomplishments in the world of fashion is extraordinary, it is her feminism that’s truly making us kilig. Very recently, Mich spearheaded Grrl Gang Manila, a feminism club that aims to provide a “safe space” to Filipinas. “I was very active in other cities, attending the Women’s March in Paris, for instance. But I thought, what am I doing for the Philippines? It is here where I can be more of help,” she tells MB Life.

9. Risa Hontiveros

Senator Risa Hontiveros-Baraquel started as a social activist and a journalist who is known for being a advocate of gender equality and women’s right. She then served as a representative for Akbayan partylist from eventually becoming a Senator in 2016. We truly love how she is the strongest voice in the Senate for fighting for equality, standing up against discrimination, and protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community.


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