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Thursday proved to be a remarkable point for the perfect storm of hashtags, thanks to Mocha Uson’s return to Twitter.

After getting her account back, the blogger and die-hard supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte called on reinforcements to spread hateful messages using hashtags #DDSpartyparty and #AyawSaDilaw.

Of course her return was welcomed by Maharlika and Senyora, popular social media entities who are also big supporters of President Duterte, alongside loyal followers.

But it wasn’t until the official MMDA Twitter account congratulated Mocha for her online reinstatement that things got interesting.

Mocha replied, ever gracious:

But, erm, what was Mocha trying to say, maraming salamat po? It seemed like an honest mistake. But of course, Twitter had other ideas.

There was, of course, the necessary technical definition:

But people went wild on puns:

Someone put forward a conspiracy theory:

And of course, a game:

Too much fun was had in fact, #Maram continues to trend this morning.

Following the #Maram brouhaha closely was another tweet by Mocha, which featured kindred spirit Sass Sasot and was hashtagged #AyawSaDalaw. Looks like Uson has moved on from hating yellow to something else!

Did she say Dalaw? Dude yo, Dalaw was a 2010 Filipino horror movie that featured Diether Ocampo and Noynoy’s sister Kris Aquino!

Oh Twitter, you and your ways.


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