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Coldplay fans celebrated on Friday (January 29, 2016) as the second single from their acclaimed album A Head Full of Dreams was released online.

Featuring Queen B Beyoncé Knowles, Hymn for the Weekend‘s video uploaded through the band’s official YouTube channel garnered over eight million views in just a span of 24 hours. It was also much talked about for the past few days as people debated if the music video released was a matter of cultural appropriation or appreciation.

The video caught some heat over its Indian theme as Beyoncé became the medium in flaunting the artistic take of the team through various cultural wardrobes, donning saris and henna tattoos.

Culture Beyonce

Other singers have also been criticized for using Asian appropriation in previous years. Remember Iggy Azalea’s Bounce music video?

culture iggy azalea

How about Coldplay’s collaboration with Rihanna for Princess of China?

culture rihanna

Lastly, try to recall Selena Gomez’s bindi controversy for her Come & Get It performance at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards.

culture selena gomez

All of the singers’ “artistic approach” sparked numerous debates for their “creative” choices.

However, in Coldplay’s case, people behind the three-minute music video consisted of Indians – from the director, the cast, and to the crew, thus, the realistic representation of Desi culture and tradition in the clip. It was filmed in Mumbai and also features Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor.

Despite the criticisms, what we know is that the actress was more than happy to star in Coldplay’s video as she took to Twitter to celebrate the release of the music video.

Negative or not, all this publicity will definitely lead people’s attention to the nearing Super Bowl 50 halftime show of Coldplay and Queen B on February 7, 2016 at California.

For now, let’s just all come together and sing as we shoot across the sky (Then we’ll shoot across the sky)! Cheers to the weekend!

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