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Framing a glimpse on the lives of the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), the multi-awarded musical Care Divas has returned to the stage six years after its premiere to kick off PETA’s 50th year celebration.

Care Divas follows the lives of five transgendered OFWs in Israel who are caregivers by day, and glamorous drag queen performers (known as “D’Nightingales”) by night. In addition to the direction of Maribel Legarda, the writing by Liza Magtoto, and the music and lyrics by Vincent de Jesus, here are four more enthralling points on why the brilliant musical is well worth your time and money:

1. Stellar (and expanded) cast
The five characters played by Melvin Lee/Red Concepcion (Chelsea), Vincent de Jesus/Ron Alfonso (Shai), Ricci Chan/Gio Gahol (Kayla), Buddy Caramat/Thou Reyes (Jonee), and Dudz Terana/Jason Barcial (Thalia) are woven together with the passion and dreams to perform in Tel Aviv all the while yearning for both acceptance and home. Returning with the promise of being a lot more colorful than their first runs, the original cast is back to play their iconic roles, reprised by the new and young Divas.

2. A plot resonating with the lives of Filipino OFWs
As the narrative’s core is crafted to be edifying while carrying a theme close to many of our kababayans hearts, the musical features the struggles and hardships Filipino workers abroad face after leaving the country to work. May it be discrimination, threats, or pressure from their family back home, Care Divas’ depiction is downright relatable and human.

3. The amount of baklaan
To equalize its heftier moments, the show exemplifies the right expanse of baklaan, a brand of Filipino gay humor rich on references from the mainstream culture and the use of informal terminologies. The combination of these lighter moments from the heavier ones form a perfect arch of emotional ups and downs reflective of the Filipino workers’ tales on working out of the country.

4. Relevant and timely social issues
What makes the musical even more sensible and remarkable is its story’s reliance on the significant social issues of today. While humanity seems to be moving backwards with all the immigrant hate and wall building talks, Care Divas champions courage by singing songs of fearless defiance along with the hopes of owning more than just pipe dreams.

Care Divas is on its final week at the PETA-PHINMA Theater. 5 Eymard Drive, behind QC Sports Club on E. Rodriguez Avenue, Quezon City. Closing on March 19, 2017 (Sunday), the last eight performances will be running from Tuesday to Friday at 8pm, and Saturday to Sunday at 3pm. Tickets 

[h/t Manila Bulletin]

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