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Why are these online shops super patok with millennials, you may ask. It’s because they sell cool little things—pins, shirts, patches—that are not only well-designed but actually have something to say, be it funny, punny, or serious. With these shops, splurging our sweldo and baon becomes a little too easy:

1. Angry Army

Birthed last December 2016, Angry Army is a clothing brand that supports gender equality and women empowerment. The designs of Angry Army’s statement shirts encourage women to fight back to cat-callers and misogynists.

When asked how the brand started, Angelu Zafe, owner of Angry Army said that she came up with the online shop when statement tees were all the rage. “I always see people sporting tees that say ‘I love pizza’ or something like that. I thought how nice would it be if we also had statement tees that empower women and support gender equality. That’s something I’d definitely wear so I thought some would be interested as well.

“It’s always better to actually speak up but while there’s still afraid to do that, at least they have my shirts as a start,” Angelu added.

Shirts that read “Women Need More Sleep Than Men Because Fighting The Patriarchy is Exhausting” and “Yes To Cats, No To Catcalls” are just two of the brand’s awesome designs that are getting a whole lotta love. An Angry Army shirt retails for P270.

Check out Angry Army on Facebook

2. Diyalogo

Diyalogo is a brand of cute and funny stickers influenced by Filipino wit and humor, and local pop culture.

Founded by Ian Quimbo, the brand started in 2014 to achieve the owner’s goal to have a design identity or brand of his own. He said that Diyalogo was supposed to be the foundation of his goal and it also served as his own way of entering the creative industry.

Being a self-aware jologs, Diyalogo caters to an audience that knows how to laugh and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Why Diyalogo, you ask? The founder said, “It implies communication because they want their audience to feel as if they’re just having a casual dialogue with the brand.” A sticker pack will set you back P160.

Check out Diyalogo on Facebook and Instagram. They are also available in various stores around Metro Manila and few provincial locations.

3. Anti.Phobia PH

International Relations students, Bianca Buenconsejo and Paolo Rodriguez were already exposed to the relevance of social issues here in the country. Combining their knowledge in IR and their love for streetwear fashion, they decided to put up Anti.Phobia Philippines.

Officially launched in January 2017, they released their “X2 (NO TO)” series tees. Calling themselves, “streetwear activists,” the owners want to raise awareness among various age groups while being fashionable at the same time.

The name of the brand is a wordplay they came up with “to express one’s overcoming of their phobia.” The phobia they are pertaining to are the social issues people fail to focus on.

Anti.Phobia also has their Equalitee which was officially launched during the debates for Anti-Discrimination Bill.

As the owners said, “Equality can also be for men and women fighting for equal rights. As a brand, we hope to inspire our fellow millennials to stay woke!” Anti.Phobia shirts begin at P315.

Check out Anti.Phobia PH on Facebook and Instagram

4. Artsy Kit

Artsy Kit is owned by Migz and Kamille, both teachers by profession. They built the brand in 2014 as a way to pay tribute to teachers like them.

The first ever collection was the “Teacher Kit,” a line of tote bags that have their favorite quotes as teachers. From there, Artsy Kit’s designs have become “thematic” and they now have a wide range of collections.

Artsy Kit was coined after Kamille’s nickname “Pungkit,” so it’s become a word play for “art si Kit” and “artsy Kit” that could also be referred to their “artsy” products.

Check out Artsy Kit’s Facebook and Instagram page.

5. Pundesal

Sharing the same passion for design and puns, Lance Florentino and Abby Magsanoc decided to create a bread of stickers.

They came up with the name Pundesal because they wanted something that sounds Filipino. Pandesal considered as a staple to Filipino breakfast was incorporated with the word “pun” since their designs are obviously punny.

When it comes to design of the merchandise, Lance said that the process is always to think of the content first before the visuals.

“We have a list of puns or funny lines which we always update once we come up with something new. From there, we select which ones are the most relatable to our target market. For the design part, we don’t overthink it too much, and having a background in design really helps us a lot in the design process,” he added. A sticker pack will set you back P100.

Check out Pundesal on Facebook and Instagram

6. The Yard

Owned by artists and sisters Isabel and Carina Santos, The Yard became their creative outlet in expressing their thoughts and feelings since 2013.

“We’re both artists, so these are mostly just our own expressions of certain thoughts and feelings. Some of it is filtered from journals or notes; some are statements. Then we just come together and decide on which ones to put through production,” Carina said.

Aside from button pins and patches, The Yard also has cute tote bags and pouches that you can use for your office necessities or even your gala essentials. Merch begins at P15o.

Check out The Yard’s website and Instagram page. 

Header image by: Madel Crudo


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