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Looks like the salted egg craze ain’t gonna go anywhere just yet. KFC recently introduced its limited edition salted egg chicken.

It’s a combination of KFC’s original recipe chicken and all-time Pinoy’s fave itlog na maalat. You can order it either as a one-piece or two-piece meal and costs the same as the usual one-piece, two-piece bonanza.

That wonderful food website compares it to KFC’s now-defunct offering Hot and Cheesy Chicken. The sauce, unnaturally yellow, looks unappetizing at first glance. The salted egg flavor isn’t intense and noticeable, but it’s poured generously all over the chicken, which they say, is the best part about the meal.

“The best thing about this is that they’ve poured the salted egg all over their hot chicken, which makes for a really fascinating union. Salted egg dishes around Asia usually come with a kick of chilli, and the folks at KFC have done a genius job of using the spicy variant instead of the original one. It makes things far from one-note, and the chicken gets instantly more appealing with every bite,” it said.

Props to KFC because the chicken meat is still consistent with our favorite original recipe chicken, yay!

So is it worth a try? “It’s good enough that you’d probably order it constantly while it’s on the menu, and use it to temporarily replace your KFC regulars when you’re bored,” wrote.

Try it yourself and experience the salted egg goodness for a limited time only. You can taste KFC’s salted egg chicken for P120 with mushroom soup, garlic rice, and a drink of your choice.



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