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[Editor’s note: Nicole Cordoves hosted the press conference of Pietro Boselli]

Pietro Boselli is pretty much everything you want in a guy: He is accomplished (he got his doctorate degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University College London at just the age of 28), he’s hardworking (he then went on teaching the introduction to thermodynamics in UCL, while working on academic papers), and he’s hot.

So let me tell you some chika about Pietro that I learned while we were killing time backstage before his press conference as the newest endorser of Bench last Sunday.

1. He hates salad. When we were served lunch in the holding room, they gave us salad for our first course. At this point, I excused myself so that I could attack the buffet table because I can’t eat leaves. “I can’t eat leaves,” I exclaimed, which he surprisingly agreed to! I was so happy to hear he also preferred a meat platter. Carnivores, we are.

2. He was the annoying eager-beaver kid in class. As in he corrects his teachers and he doesn’t understand why his classmates can’t understand the lesson as fast as he can. But he makes sense: “Read up in advance, don’t do your homework for the next subject during the class before it,” he told us. Since then though, Pietro has learned that helping his classmates out with their lessons is more fulfilling—everyone wanted to sit next to him after that because he’d help them out in recitations and examinations by writing his answers in font size 40.

3. He’s a total goofball. Pietro’s game for everything, it’s like he doesn’t even get tired! Maybe that’s why he could afford to spend so much time in the gym despite his hectic life schedule. When we finished the press conference where he got serious and answered each question profoundly, he was jumping around and teasing everyone.So if you have this image of him as a serious math teacher, erase that right now!

4. He loves working out. Pietro manages to stay Captain America-level kind of fit despite his crazy teaching/modeling/traveling schedule for the simple reason he love working out. “And if you love it, you just keep doing it.” We love you too, Pietro—we mean working out. We love working out too, Pietro.

5. He’s a really good listener. Pietro is definitely not your ordinary d-bag who loves talking about himself, or steer the direction of your conversation back to him. He is actually interested in what you have say and will respond to your opinions. You can practically see the hamsters in his brain working out because he’s really thinking about what you just said.

6. This comes as a warning: He will take stalker-ish photos of you. For the simple reason that he is a goofball and wants to annoy you (in the best way possible). So do not get caught in a candid moment! Todo-project, okay? Because if you think you can avenge yourself by taking candid photos of him, you’re wrong. It’s impossible to take bad photos of the guy. I mean, look at these:

He looks even better caught off guard! Life doesn’t play fair.

Photos: Courtesy of Miguel Pastor


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