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You know who we’ll take life lessons from? Pietro Boselli. The newest Bench endorser has quite the pretty face, a super hot bod, supreme intellect, and most important of them all, practical street smarts. Of course, you’ll take whatever lessons you can from him. Below are a few things he shared with us:

1. ON how to start a conversation:  “I hate it when someone I just met asks me “What do you do?”. I’d rather someone ask me “Who are you?” and really get to know who I am,” he says.

2. ON not setting limits to yourself: You might be wondering what a weird combination it is to be both a professor and a famous international model, especially given the stigma that models aren’t the smartest people in the world. Pietro clears this up by saying that models are smart in a way that they have seen the world, its culture, its language, and that doesn’t mean that they are doing anything less for the world. We all have our own contributions to the world as long as we give the best parts of ourselves.

3. ON doing your homework in advance: Being the class nerd, his classmates would tease him for waltzing into class and easily acing the test because he’s a genius, which he retorts with: “If you see how much work I actually put into this test, you won’t be so impressed.”

4. ON looking good regardless of your work schedule: He loves working out. “And if you love it, you just keep doing it.” But, duh. Of course.

5. ON what confidence is: One of the worst things that could happen is dating an insecure guy you have to appease all the time. So when a reporter asked Pietro if there’s anything he’s insecure about himself, he said he doesn’t sit around thinking of his insecurities. Rather, he’s already busy thinking of his next move to make himself better. Whattaguy.


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