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The hunt is on for great reads and prizes as Reese Lansangan collaborates with Fully Booked for another installment of #ArigatoInternetHunt.

Back the truck up: The indie darling launched #ArigatoInternetHunt two years ago when she was in New York City. She wanted to share a physical copy of her debut album Arigato, Internet! to the world. So in the hopes of at least one stranger finding it, Reese, in a bookstore, slipped one copy of the album between books and noted it’s free for ripping or sharing the same way they found it.

It’s hard to assume what came out of the album hunt, but as we were going through old videos of Reese, we came across this comment that made us hopeful it had been found:

Anyway, last Saturday, Reese uploaded the first “Reese Reads” video on her YouTube channel with the announcement that she tied up with her favorite store, Fully Booked, to bring us various book recommendations.


Look for books stamped with Reese Reads stickers in any participating Fully Booked stores and you’ll get a chance to be one of five (5) winners of the grand prize packed with a copy of Arigato, Internet!, a limited edition #ArigatoInternetHunt winner’s shirt, a private concert pass for two, and a special Reese tote bag. We have been truly #blessedt.

The book scavenger hunt runs from March 19 to April 2, 2017.

View more details for the hunt below:

What are you waiting for? Go get your books, pronto!




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