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The Queen of All Media Kris Aquino has recently released the first installment of her “Heart to Heart with Kris” series, and what do you know? The 15 minuter has become quite a viral sensation with over 303,366 views as of writing.

The content streams Kris challenging herself to cut back on makeup products enough to fit in a travel-sized retouch kit ideal for a “realistic” daily look. In this case, it’s a black Prada pouch.

Noting that it is a mixture of “not expensive, drugstore, Asian, prestige, and Sephora/Net-A-Porter favorites”, she started with the first Ziploc bag. It’s content: a MAC setting spray with face and body base items. What’s it for, you may ask? To cover up bruises.

Some well-known mentions involved Hourglass, Bobbi Brown Camel, and MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 as her favorites for foundation and powder.

Kris gushed about her signature pink blush using Stay Pretty, NARS Laguna, and Glisten by Tarte. She also made it evident that she knows it’s best to use anti-shine translucent powder because, “Oiliness is next to joblessness.”

And then came her range of brush favorites: Hakuhodo, Stila, and MAC. Suggesting plenty of brushes for blending, Stila no. 5 for nose line, and a Chanel foundation blush, she said, “Kunin niyo na ang lahat sa akin, dalawa lang ang I cannot live without: kilay and blush.”


HEART TO HEART WITH KRIS: Entry #01Kikay kitVanity kit containing a hand mirror, comb or brush, lip gloss, etc.Very oddly, particularly to Filipinos, this word was formally included in the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in the year 2015. Proof: I'm going to focus on my everyday, when no makeup artist is around but I need to look presentable. My "kikay kit"- with all my must have, easy to apply, sure to make me pretty cosmetics. It's a MIX of not expensive, drugstore, Asian, prestige, and Sephora/Net-A-Porter favorites. I just finished fixing everything and realized what is pared down for me, is actually enough for 2 makeup artists. I shall now challenge myself to create a retouch kit that will fit into my handbag, not my hand carry. Providing you with 3 bags- the ALL IN version- inclusive of emergency hair styling tools and products, the bigger toiletry kit for when I am traveling, and the hopefully "realistic" daily, super edited version. Makeup and beauty deserve pictures so this post will share my story via the actual products. Have a happy, let's celebrate our ka-kikayan type of browsing experience.~ Kris#HearttoHeartwithKris

Posted by Kris Aquino on Saturday, March 11, 2017

The eye and eyelash makeup picks include Charlotte Tilbury for the curl lash, Maybelline and MAC products for mascara, Chanel 104, BADgal eyeliner pencil, and a water strong liquid liner for eyeliners, and Wonder Drawing 24hr Autobrow, 24 hours waterproof K-Palette, and MAC Pro Waterproof Brow Set Red Chestnut for eyebrow mascara.

At this point, her kikay kit count is at 21 products. But wait—there’s more.

For the lips, the clear winners for lipsticks are MAC Pink Noveau (which she has used for tons of endorsements, she says) and MAC Please Me. MAC Posy Perfect and MAC Nice ‘n’ Spicy, along with four tubes of RMK lip gloss went into the bag.

Kris noted that the lack of red shades of lipsticks was because of her son Bimby’s disapproval, telling her, “Mama, don’t use red. You look slutty.” Which she did obey, except when it’s needed for endorsements.

The vlog ended with her succeeding in packing the essentials, along with a confession that the selection featured was just eight percent of her total makeup at home.

For Kris Aquino, “Happiness is makeup.” She’s not wrong in a way, most of us has something we’re passionate about. May it be music, books, or weird foreign films, who’s to say what’s good or bad to like?

Photo: Kris Aquino | Facebook

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