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When it was announced that there would be a live-action movie of Beauty and the Beast, everyone couldn’t contain their feels! The Disney animated classic rolled out way back 1991—it was about freaking time.

We all know what it’s about: an arrogant prince was punished by an enchantress, who turned him into a frightful Beast (Dan Stevens), and his staff in the castle, into furniture. If he learns to love and be loved in return before all the petals of an enchanted rose falls off—of course there is a glass-encased enchanted rose— everything will fall back into its place.

Meanwhile, a village woman named Belle (Emma Watson) has caught the eyes of hunter, Gaston (Luke Evans). However, when Maurice, Belle’s father was caught by the Beast in his castle picking roses, he was imprisoned and Belle offers to take his place.

We don’t want to give away all the details about the movie because you know, we want you to watch it for yourself. But let us share the 5 best things that we truly love about it that you may don’t want to miss.

1. Emma-zing Watson. We know that Emma is an amazing actress, but seeing her sing and act on a film is too darn admirable! If you loved her in Harry Potter, you’ll definitely love her more as a pretty and smart Disney princess. Her beauty, acting skills, and voice are perfect for the Belle that we all want to see in the live-action remake.

2. The ballroom scene. Who wouldn’t include this scene as one of the best? It’s so graaaaand you’ll be in awe. And as soon as you see Belle and the Beast dancing, happily in love, it will automatically put a smile on your face, as it did ours. We’ll assure you, you’ll defo feel the kilig vibe!

3. It is pretty close to the original. Let’s be real, the original 1991 film will always be a timeless classic: the animation, the songs, it was magical. But though the live-action film added some new characters, there’s no difference with the story of our favorite fairy tale classic. From Belle’s hometown, romantic scenes, and up to its humor, the remake comes pretty close.

4. The songs. From the classic Beauty and the Beast theme up to the newest songs in the movie, you’ll end up humming each song. So make sure that after reading this article, to check out your Spotify account and download all the songs from the movie. Be ready for the ultimate LSS.

5. Disney’s first LGBT character. Played by Josh Gad, LeFou serves as the sidekick to the film’s primary antagonist Gaston. According to Bill Condon, the director of the film, LeFou is somebody who on one day “wants to be Gaston and on another day wants to kiss Gaston.” Yay to Disney for being game to have LGBT characters in the movie. It’s really about time!


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