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Ever since coming into the spotlight, Gary Valenciano’s only daughter Kiana Valenciano is etching her name into the music industry with her own brand of artistry.

After her debut single release in October 2016, “Circles,” Kiana is back to dominate with the music video of her cutting-edge single, “Does She Know.” It features indie fave DJ/producer Curtismith.

The 25-year-old artist has been dipping in and out of the scene until last year when she released “Circles,” a track co-written, co-arranged, and co-produced by Kiana with the help of her dad—Gary V, in case the last name hasn’t spelled it out for you.

Initially released in Spotify, the song tells the story of a relationship mislaying its quintessence while floating along the remnants of it all. The song was then graced with a music video directed by Michael Carandang featuring Jake Cuenca as one of the lead actors. It took inspiration from abusive relationships—ack!—and the ways of people involved in the scenario.

In an interview with Myx, she relayed that working with her dad was both laidback and hard, mainly because they know the materials to work with, but being the perfectionists they both are, finishing the project had been no easy task.

Dancing interpretatively to the tune of her authentic sound, Kiana’s measures for success can easily be seen in her latest music video directed by Gab Valenciano.

Watch the steamy music video for “Does She Know” below:


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