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Here’s a project we can totally get behind: National Book Store is inviting us to spread the advocacy of reading across the Philippines with the Read Out Loud Challenge.

People are encouraged to post a video of them reading their favorite excerpt of a beloved book either on Instagram or Facebook. Use the #ReadOutLoudChallenge, tag National Book Store (@nbsalert), and then nominate three other people to do the same.

Here’s where it gets exciting: For every 75 videos posted, National Book Store will build one library in a public school. NBS aims to build 7,500 libraries in all. A tall order, but hey, bookworms have magical powers and NBS knows that exactly.

Below is National Book Store’s recommended spiel:

I am ________ and I’m doing the National Book Store Read Out Loud Challenge. Now I challenge NAME 1, NAME 2, and NAME 3 to do the #ReadOutLoudChallenge

And in case you’re a square and/or lazy, here’s NBS’s suggested caption:

#ReadOutLoudChallenge accepted! Reading out loud my favorite lines from my favorite book, ____________ to spread the love for reading and to support @nbsfoundation. For every 75 videos posted, @nbsalert will help set up one library in a public school until we reach 7,500. Together, let’s promote the love for reading! Now, I challenge @name1, @name2, @name3 to do the same.

One library will be set up by the National Book Store Foundation, Inc. for every 75 videos posted. With the aim of reaching 7,500 participants, the challenge is wide open for anyone who’s up to do it.


Spread the love of reading and help educate kids all over the country by building libraries that carries the promise of a vibrant literary culture. Did we drum up the hype enough? Alright, you awesome nerds, get filming!



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