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DZRH has reportedly suspended Mocha Uson’s radio show after inapt remarks aimed at Vice President Leni Robredo.

The singer-dancer, who happens to be one prominent blogger and supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte, has attacked the VP on her commentary program using malicious language, violating broadcasting rules by the 2007 Broadcast Code of the Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster ng Pilipinas (KBP) as enacted by the Manila Broadcasting Company (MBC).

Here are some of the lines that stirred the anger of the station’s listeners from the two-minute clip captured on a Facebook live stream:

“Kasi nga sinungaling ka at fake news ka. May suggestion ako sa ‘yo ha, ‘wag mong araw-arawin ang katahangahan mo! [Bleeped out line] Bumili ka ng utak at hindi ng mamahaling damit! Nakakahawa na ‘yang katahangan mo. Pasensya na mga ka-DDS, dahil ramdam ko rin ang galit niyo sa paninira ng babaeng ito sa ating bayan. Sobra lang talagang nakakagalit ang babaeng ito. Sana kung wala siyang nadadamay. Ang problema dinadamay niya ang buong bayan natin eh.”

Somebody hand her the chill pill, right?

Anyway, below are funny and/or sensible reactions to DZRH’s decision to suspend the hardcore Duterte supporter starting with the hardcore Duterte supporter herself!

Huh? Amusing how she’s able to point it back to VP Leni Robredo.   *insert thinking face emoji*

We hear ya, brother.

Don’t you think?

Don’t get us started with MTRCB ratings, man.

We like the series of tweets this suspension has brought upon you—all of us actually. Isn’t it like a pandora’s box?

A Queen B reference is always a welcome little thing!

We weren’t kidding when we said this was a story on mind-boggling tweets.

Below is next to sacrilege as Sound of Music is one of the best movies OAT, but we couldn’t help it: replace the word Maria with Mocha and we might have found a good way to deal with uh, all this.


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